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Welcome to U-Hub, a learning platform built for Unifonic platform users like you! Here you will find all the information you need to learn how to use Unifonic products and solutions.
Simple step-by-step guides, tutorials, API documentation and more, will help you get started right away, and maximise the value that you and your teams gain from our solutions over the long term.

Unifonic Platform & Applications

Streamline conversations and engagement for a remarkable customer experience across communication channels

Unifonic Platform
Unifonic Platform

Setup accounts, communication channels, and access control as well as real time reporting.

Authenticate and Verify

Prevent fraud with Authenticate and Verify applications featuring 2FA and OTP

Chatbot Builder

Build a chatbot to simplify business workstreams and automate customer support in seconds

Flow Studio

Design and deploy omnichannel communication workflows without a single line of code.

Multichannel Campaigns

Reach your entire customer or prospect base in just a few clicks on many channels.

Contact Center
Contact Center

Scale customer communications across multiple channels, routes, agents, workflows, and more.

Communication Channels & APIs

Reach customers on their preferred communication channels with a single low-code API

Programmable SMS

Instantly send SMS to recpients worldwide including alerts, campaigns, and more.

WhatsApp Business Platform

Interact with customers on WhatsApp, the world's most popular messaging app.

Programmable Voice

Automate, scale, and manage Voice calls with customers in real time.

Push Notifications

Automate and send Push Notifications over Apple iOS and Google Android.

Use Case Library

Discover how to use Unifonic's powerful suite of omnichannel communication solutions to streamline & enhance customer engagement

E-commerce Use Cases

Learn how to enhance customer experience, boost efficiency, and drive sales through practical use cases across the entire order lifecycle.

Government Use Cases

Explore methods to improve citizen engagement, optimize operational processes, and facilitate better outcomes through real-world examples spanning various stages of government operations.

Banking & Finance Use Cases

Discover strategies to boost customer engagement, streamline processes, and drive better outcomes through real-world examples across various facets of financial operations.