WhatsApp Guidelines

In this section, you will be acquainted with the main WhatsApp Guidelines.

Display name

The display name should accommodate the following rules

Compliance with policiesA display name should not violate WhatsApp Commerce and Business policies.
An example of a store that sells wine glasses;

Accepted: ABC Wine Glasses
Not accepted: ABC Wine

Within your company, you may have separate WhatsApp business accounts for different divisions; only those divisions that are compliant with WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy may have a WhatsApp business account.
Accurate representation of your businessA display name should represent:

A business or its service, product, or department
A test account or a demo account and it must maintain an association to the business (e.g., Fresh Produce Test)

A display name should not be:

An individual's full name
A generic term (e.g., Fashion)
A generic geographic location (e.g., New York)
A slogan or a long description

An organization with a government affiliation needs the WhatsApp team's approval
Consistency with external brandingA display name must have consistent branding with external sources (e.g., a company's website or marketing). An example for a product line named "Fresh Produce Cold Pressed Juices":

Accepted: Fresh Produce Cold Pressed Juices (how it is branded on your website)
Not accepted: Fresh Produce Juices (you changed branding by removing "Cold Pressed")
* Not accepted: FP Cold Pressed Juices (you added an abbreviation to the company name inconsistent with external branding)
Clear relationship with your businessA display name must have a clear relationship with your business (must be referred on the business's website or external media references). For example:

Accepted: Name of a charity mentioned on a non-profit organization's website
Not accepted: Name of a charity not mentioned on any external websites

If the relationship between your company and the brand is not obvious, indicate the relationship using “by [company name].”

Not accepted: Fruit Snacks (Fresh Produce owns the Fruit Snacks brand but their association is not mentioned on any external websites)
Accepted: Fruit Snacks by Fresh Produce

If the display name represents a business that the company is working with (i.e., if the business is an agency, distributor, partner, or parent company), then the relationship between the business represented in the display name and end-client business must be evident and clear in both parties’ business websites.

For example, if Global Voyager signs up for WhatsApp and wants to use the display name Commercial Air, they must submit links to both websites stating that Commercial Air is a subsidiary of Global Voyager.
Correct formatting, in compliance with the rules set forth belowSee Formatting Guidelines