WhatsApp helps more than two billion people connect and share with the people they care about. This makes it a perfect channel to drive the communication between Businesses and Consumers. The application offers a simple, secure, and reliable channel for small, medium, and large enterprises to connect with their consumers.

Moving from text-based messaging, WhatsApp offers rich content messages, so you can reach your consumers at any time with any information you need to share. The best thing is - it is 2way, so you, as a Business, can always be there for your customers - be on their preferred channel.

Unifonic is an official WhatsApp Business solution provider, which helps you to manage all your WhatsApp communication using Unifonic APIs, Chatbot, Contact Center, Campaigns, or Flow Studio, which will help you to drive engagement.

WhatsApp channel offers end-to-end encryption and you can use Unifonic APIs to connect to your CRM or any other system so you can easily reach your customers.

Additionally, Unifonic is offering Web interface with: