Validations and checks you should know

This page explains the validations and checks that the platform performs and you should be aware of

Template availability check before starting a campaign (WhastApp only)

To reduce the campaign failures, the system will check to see whether the selected template for the campaign is available or not, before starting a campaign.

Once you have created a WhatsApp template, the template might be unavailable at times because of the below reasons

  • Someone might have removed the template
  • Meta might have paused or blocked the template because of quality-related reasons
  • Someone might have edited the template and resubmitted it for approval and not approved by meta yet
  • So, handle this scenario and eliminate the message failures below checks have been implemented,

While initiating a campaign: if the template becomes unavailable, you will see an error and cannot save a campaign
When processing a scheduled campaign: if the template becomes unavailable, the campaign schedule will be cancelled and an email alert will be sent to you. The campaign will be kept under 'Draft' status so that you can come back to the campaign, edit and reschedule the campaign anytime.

Automatically pausing the campaign

When the system identifies an issue or an error code (as mentioned below), the campaign will be paused and an email alert will be sent to you. This will help in reducing the message failure and the user can resume the campaign once the issue is resolved.


When the campaign is paused, all the messages which are not sent to the channel will be paused; And messages which are already in the channel queue cannot be dropped and delivered to the end user as usual.


Paused campaign


resume campaign


Campaign auto cancellation

Once you have received an email alert, you must rectify the issue and RESUME the campaign within 72 hours. Otherwise, the campaign will be automatically cancelled by the system and another email alert will be sent to you.

If you did not resume the campaign and the system cancelled it, then the statuses will be marked as below

  • Campaign status - ‘CANCELED'
  • Message status will be 'Cancelled’ and failed reason is 'cancelled by the system- resume timeout'

The reasons for pausing your campaign might be one of the below

  • If the Daily tier limit of the WhatsApp business number is breached
  • If the template that you have selected in the campaign is not available or is being paused by Meta
  • If the balance of your account or the package is not sufficient to send any more messages

Cancel a campaign manually

While the campaign is running and for any reason, you want to cancel the campaign, you can go to the reports and Cancel the campaign.
The campaign will be cancelled and the remaining messages will be dropped and marked as ‘Not submitted to channel' with failed reason 'Cancelled by user’