Setup Apple push notification in Notice

To setup up sample Notice iOS, follow the below steps:

  1. Configure Push Notification in iOS app
    PEM file is used to setup Apple Push Notification. Basically, to get a PEM file, you need to generate 3 following files:

a. Certificate Signing Request

b. SSL certificate

c. Create .p12 file

Go to Applications / Utilities / Keychain Access / Certificate Assistant on your Mac and choose the menu option Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority


You should now see the following window:


Make sure Saved to disk is checked and click Continue. Save this file as “app_pushnotification.certSigningRequest”.

Login to your Apple Developer Account:
Select Certificates, Identifiers, Profiles.

Click Add a new Certificate and then upload the Apple Push notification certificate generated in the previous step. After that, Download the new generated SSL certificate.

Change the name of downloaded file to app_pushnotification.cer, move this file to Desktop and open “Keychain Access”. Now find “app_pushnotification” and “Apple Push Services:” and export these 2 items. Name the file and save it in a folder.

Go to the folder containing downloaded files and run below commands:

openssl x509 -in app_pushnotification.cer -inform der -out app_pushnotificationpass.pem

openssl pkcs12 -in app_pushnotification.p12 -out app_pushnotification.pem -nodes –clcerts

cat app_pushnotificationpass.pem app_pushnotification.pem > app_pushnotification_end.pem
  1. Configure Push Notification Credentials in Notice App Instance
    2.1. Create credentials to save iOS push notification app credentials in Notice Credentials as shown below:

2.2. Select Credential Type as "APN" and provide Certificate and Private Key, as shown below:


2.3. Update Notice App Instance to use the above-created credentials as APN Credentials