Sending a test message

We understand that sending the right message content is the most important thing in mass campaigning and certainly, everyone wants to make sure the content is rightly framed before broadcasting the message to a large group of recipients.

With this Test campaign feature, while creating the campaign you can send the final message to your own mobile numbers on the fly and make sure the content, buttons, media, links etc are sent correctly. If needed you can edit your campaign content, and configuration before sending another test message. Once you are satisfied with the message, you can broadcast it to mass contacts on the fly.


On the campaign preview page, you can find SEND A TEST CAMPAIGN option

How to send a test message?

While you are creating the campaign, on the campaign preview step, you can find a section send a test campaign as shown in the below image


Send a test campaign

Click on the Test campaign button and enter the desired mobile number with the country code. Click on Send test campaign. The messages will be processed and sent to the mobile numbers on the fly.


Add mobile numbers

Once you have sent a test campaign you can

  • View the number of test messages sent till now on the preview page
  • You can find the delivery report for the test messages in the detailed report section with the tag 'TEST'
  • In the exported report, if the Test Message? column value is True you can consider that message as test message

Message count on the campaign preview page


Test number detailed delivery report


Important Information

  • You can send the test message any number of times until you are satisfied with the final message content
    • A maximum of 10 mobile numbers are allowed in one test campaign
    • All the test messages will be charged immediately upon submitting as per your package /contract, irrespective of sending the campaign
    • You can find the delivery report of these messages as part of your campaign report with the 'Test' tag