Retargeting a campaign

Retargeting enables you to target the customer base who have been part of the previous campaign already. From an existing campaign report, you can select a group of contacts and create another follow-up campaign with new message content with a click of a button.

Step by step directions

  1. Select a campaign which is in COMPLETED status and go to the campaigns reports page. You can find the RETARGET CAMPAIGN button on the top right corner
Retarget button on the campaign reports page

Retarget button on the campaign reports page

  1. Click on the Retarget Campaign button and select the mobile numbers by choosing Message Statuses of the numbers in this campaign. For example, if you select the status Sent then all the mobile numbers with this status will be selected. You can see the number of contacts under each status also on the UI

You can select the numbers by

  • Message statuses
  • uLink track URL clicked numbers
  • Quickreply button clicked number (WhatsApp only)
Select message statuses

Select message statuses

  1. Proceed forward to create a new campaign with the selected mobile numbers. The system will create a new campaign.

New campaign created

Campaign naming convention: The system will name the new campaign in this format: Copy of . For example, if you are targeting the campaign sales promotion for the first time, the name will be Copy of sales promotion 1. If you retarget it for the second time the name would be Copy of sales promotion 2.

Once the campaign is created the flow will be similar to the new campaign flow, except you cannot edit the contact numbers as these are retrieved from the previous campaign.
Refer to this page for detailed instructions Creating a new campaign


Important Information

  • Today retargeting is available for WhatsApp and Flow-base campaigns
  • There is no limit on the number of times you can retarget a campaign
  • To make the flow easy, no cross-references will be maintained in the system or on the reporting between the main campaign and retarget campaigns. The system will create a new campaign simply.