Manual Signup Process

In this section, you will be acquainted with how clients can request a WhatsApp channel through Unifonic using the manual signup process.

  • Post requesting a channel through manual sign-up, the Unifonic team will verify the request and contact the client to get necessary details to create WhatsApp Business Account (WABA)

  • Clients should get an acknowledgment from Unifonic as soon as we receive their request and clients will get the latest updates over the email about the setup or any clarifications they need during the setup process.

To manually Signup WhatsApp Channel

  1. Log in to the Unifonic account.
  2. Navigate to Conversation.
  3. Here the client should create an application and use that application details (like public and secret keys) in an API request.

To create an application

  1. Click ADD NEW to add a new application.



If the clients already have an application created then they may use it instead of creating a new one.

  1. Name the app and the app is ready.



  • The client can use a single app for different channels.
  • The client may create different apps for different channels.
  • Creating an app should give the client access to Public and Secret keys, which might be required while making an API request.
  1. Next step is to add the channel inside the app and for that, navigate to the Channel tab and click ADD NEW.
  1. From the available channels, the clients should select WhatsApp if they have their WhatsApp business number, which can be used with WhatsApp business APIs. Otherwise, they may choose WhatsApp Sandbox for testing.
  1. After the clients have selected WhatsApp, there are two options available:
  • Request WhatsApp manually
  • Through embedded signup