Mobile Push Notifications

Power mobile interactions from your app in real-time

Design and deploy visible, relevant, and timely Mobile Push Notifications to increase App engagements.
Reliable Push Notifications with scalable results

Multi-platform notifications

Native notification support for iOS and Android to reach your customers wherever they are.

Automate push notification workflow

Build sequential or trigger-based workflows and automate all your notifications to ensure optimal engagement.

Guaranteed delivery with insights

Receive analytics on Push notification status. Unifonic ensures SMS failovers should Push notifications fail.

How businesses are using Mobile Push Notifications

Customer lifecycle engagement

Engage your customers whenever they reach your desired milestone. From welcome messages to their first transaction and more.

Location-based activations

Provide your customers a reason to visit you in-store whenever they are near your store to improve customer activation.

Promotional campaigns

Provide coupons, discount codes or simply abandoned cart messages and more using trigger-based push notifications.

Real-time updates

Send real-time notifications from informing users about the weather to enabling them to track their package.

Activation campaigns

Pique user curiosity or help them reach a goal with a timely push notification - from reminders to issuing challenges and more.

Nudge inactive users

Trigger behavior-based notifications to inform your user that you have not heard from them in a while.