Phone Number

In this section, you will be acquainted with how to set up a phone number on WhatsApp as your business will be identified by a phone number on WhatsApp, known as the business phone number.
This number will be registered on your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) and customers will be able to interact with your business on WhatsApp on this registered number.

The phone number should accommodate the following rules

  • This number should not have been previously registered on WhatsApp or on the WhatsApp Business.

  • If you are already using a number on WhatsApp for your business and wish to use the same number, then you must first deregister the number on WhatsApp by deleting that account.

  • This number can be a mobile number (SIM or virtual) or a landline phone number, which has SMS and/or Voice calling facility enabled. During the Verify Number step in the Go-live process, WhatsApp will send a One-Time Password (OTP) for two-factor authentication via SMS or Voice.

  • This number cannot be a number that is behind an IVR since then the OTP verification process will not be possible.

  • Once the number is verified here, please do not register the number on WhatsApp or the WhatsApp Business on a mobile phone. This will result in the number being de-registered from the WhatsApp Business API service provided by Unifonic.

  • Number must be in the E.164 international format and must be internationally reachable.

  • Toll-free numbers have to be internationally available with a country prefix.



If the number is already registered we have two approaches;

  • If registered with the WhatsApp Business, you can simply perform number deactivation.
  • If registered with another BSP, Unifonic will need to perform phone number migration.