Searching Message Logs Report

This report provides the user with the ability to search messages by phone number and/or dates.

As of 18th of October 2022, the following modifications have been implemented to improve the Customer Experience
1- The ability to export more than 50 messages by going to the Traffic Report (export logs to email)
2- The Message Logs are now displayed in your configured Local Time Zone (Previously UTC Zone)
3- Some important field name changes to enhance the unifonic experience

To search for messages

  1. Access the Message Logs report page. For more information, click here.
  1. Click the calendar icon, and select the date range to search for the required message.
  1. From the Sender name drop-down list, select the name of the sender.
  2. In the Recipient number box, type the number of the recipient of the message together with the country code, then click Search. The report is generated with the following fields:
Column nameIndicates
Recipient NumberThe Recipient number of the message
Units FieldThe number of units
Account NameThe account name
OperatorThe Operator
Sender NameThe Sender name
Sent By Client At
(Previously Sent By Client )
The exact date and time in milliseconds when the client sent the message
Sent to Operator Status
( Previously Status Field)
Sent: Indicates that the SMS has been sent successfully from Unifonic to the Operator (e.g: STC, Etisalat, etc.)
Not sent: It occurs when there is an issue in sending the SMS
Sent to Operator At
(Previously Sent to Operator )
The exact date and time in milliseconds when Unifonic sent the message to the operator (e.g: STC, Etisalat, etc.)
Operator Report Received At
(Previously Delivered to Customer)
The exact date and time in milliseconds when Unifonic Received the Delivery report message. The Delivery report can be a success report saying that the Message was Delivered or a Failure report saying the Message is Undelivered ( Please refer to Field Delivered to Customer Status for more info)
Delivered to Customer Status
(Previously DLR )
The message is delivered to the customer with possible options, as follows:
Delivered: Indicating that the message has been delivered to the customer.
Pending: Indicating that the message hasn't reached the customer. It doesn't always indicate being incorrect, it may indicate that the customer's mobile number is inaccessible or maybe switched off. It shall be delivered as soon as the mobile is switched on once again.
* Undelivered: Indicating that the message has not been delivered to the customer.

Message Logs results