How to Create a Chatbot?

To create a Chatbot

  1. Log in to Unifonic Cloud using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to Bot Builder from the menu bar, click Create new.

  3. Define a name for your chatbot

  4. Click Add channels and it will list you all WhatsApp numbers, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that are created under your account.

For more information on adding channels to your account, check WhatsApp

  • To create your Chatbot, click Create. Your chatbot is created.

To create the first chatbot, you need first to select a channel. In case you still didn’t register your channel, you can add Sandbox WhatsApp channel.

  • When the chatbot is created, just click on that same chatbot and the Builder view will open.

Bot builder

When starting the bot, you are able to define if you want your bot to be presented in a defined date range and collect input from the customer and use it later.

Trigger the Bot
Bot trigger


Our session model, at the moment, is fixed, where we are closing the session 24 hours after the last user messages.

If you would like to close session manually, you can use reference to END widget, which will automatically close the session, once Chatbot reaches this point in the Flow.