SMS Fees at Unifonic


SMS FeeA cost of sending SMS for the customer.
TariffA tariff is an object which defines the cost of a unit of service, an example of a tariff is 1 message unit for 1 local in-region message submitted or 4 units for an international message sent.
UnitIt is the cost associated with a service expressed in tariff, i.e. the price for one domestic SMS in Saudi Arabia is 1 unit.
Main balanceThe main balance is your wallet balance which can be used for the purchase, deduction, or top-up of existing service packages.
Bundle or PackageNumber of units that have been purchased from Unifonic and assigned to you, they must be consumed within a limited period i.e. annual package.
MSISDNMobile device number like your mobile phone number, at which SMS message is delivered, this number is used when deducting units from your package or main balance based on the country prefix.
Ported numberPhone number where the original operator has been changed to another operator i.e. Virgin mobile users transfer their number to Etisalat.


Additional information

For additional information on MSISDN, visit
For additional information on Transferred Mobile numbers, visit

How am I charged


Charging flow

  • When a message is sent the country prefix for the recipient's phone number (MSISDN) is used to identify the recipient's country.

  • The operator prefix is then used to determine the tariff to be applied making the deduction either a local unit charge or international charge (based on the International rate deck).

  • The active package you have will then be deducted with the respective tariff and if there is no active package your main balance will be deducted. If there are no units or credits available on your account the message will not be sent and our system will return an "out of credit" response.

Note: All submissions to Unifonic are chargeable and all local plus international message units by default deducted from packages

Charging conditions

  • A number is considered valid when it contains the country prefix, mobile operator code, and the correct number of digits remaining for the phone number assigned to that operator.
  • Charges are based on the country prefix and mobile operator code.
  • An additional fee will be incurred if a user transfers their number from one mobile operator to another as Unifonic has to pay an additional fee to ensure this message is delivered to the correct operator .