Usage Guide

Flow Studio User Guide

Flow Studio is a visual low-code/no-code tool that enables anyone to design, deploy, and scale customer communications. Companies can now fast-track their customer engagement roadmap using the creative talent of all builders within their organization.

When to use Flow Studio

Any builder can use Flow Studio to quickly create and modify workflows with little to no code. Flow Studio is designed for use by cross-functional teams as well as individuals who want to build communications tools. It provides a common framework for everyone to do the work they need to do and collaborate on a project using a single tool. Designers can make swift UX modifications, copywriters can implement their own changes to messaging, and developers can delegate work to others and focus on building more complex features (such as calling Twilio Functions).

Flow Studio Features

  • Trigger Flows via inbound messages, inbound voice calls, webhooks, and other Studio Flows
  • Create, modify, and deploy Flows (Workflows)
  • Import and export Flows
  • Add and remove Transitions between Widgets
  • Manage Widget settings with the settings Panel
  • Define Transitions to advance users through Flows
  • Create and pass variables
  • View Executions (individual runs through Flows)
  • Organize use cases and logic in separate Flows
    *Manage Variables across a single flow.