Flow Studio

Flow Studio

Our Flow Studio makes communication easy for everyone; with our user-friendly visual editor you can create your communications workflow for voice, SMS, and webhooks without a single line of code. You can use Flow Studio from the Unifonic Cloud as a simple platform for automating, prototyping, and connecting communications flows with your customers within minutes.

Now any IT manager, marketer, or developer can visually create, edit, and manage communication workflows in Flow Studio, our low-code/no-code application builder. Drag and drop widgets to build voice, messaging, and communications apps, and save the coding work for higher-order tasks. You can use Flow Studio to craft everything from order notifications, to phone trees, to survey tools, to SMS-enabled chatbots.

Interested in plans and pricing? See our Flow Studio (https://www.unifonic.com/flow-studio) product page. Additional fees for the underlying Unifonic services are not included in Flow Studio pricing and will be charged separately.

Get Started With Flow Studio

Get familiar with the studio canvas and widgets with Flow Studio userguideز


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