Flow Listing


This section shows all the flows that you have previously created in descending order. This means, that the first item is the most recently created flow. In this view, you can also filter the flows by status and create a flow from scratch.

Next to each item, you will find a 3 dots icon where you will find some specific actions you can do for every flow.

VERSIONS: Once you click on this option you will see all the versions associated with the flow, the status of each version, and the option to edit a specific version of a flow.


EDIT FLOW: By clicking on this option you can edit the version of the flow that is either active or the most recent version in draft status.

STOP FLOW: This option will stop the execution of the flow in case this is in the active status and then the flow will move to Inactive status. Meaning that all executions that were running will stop at that time.

DELETE FLOW: This functionality will delete all the information related to the flow and you won’t be able to recover the information of the flow you delete.

What’s Next