In this section, you will be acquainted with how to help end-customers discover your business and grow your brand presence on WhatsApp. You can simply start being discovered, once your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) is approved and your business phone number is verified. In addition to sending notifications/business-initiated conversations on WhatsApp.

Discovery leads to customers initiating a conversation with your business on your WhatsApp Business Phone Number and this can be easily accomplished with the following tools:

Click-to-Chat Web Links

  • Publish these Web links on your website or in your direct-to-customer communication channels like SMS, email, etc., and automatically redirect customers into a conversation with your business on WhatsApp Web.

  • The Web link format is:<BusinessPhoneNumberinE.164Format>?text=

  • For example, if your Business Phone Number is +971500001111, your deep link can be

Click-to-Chat Deep Links

  • Embed these deep links in your mobile app or mobile ads to automatically redirect customers into a conversation with your business on WhatsApp.

  • The deep link format is: whatsapp://send?phone=<BusinessPhoneNumberinE.164Format>&text=

  • For example, if your Business Phone Number is +971500001111, your deep link can be whatsapp://send?phone=971500001111&text=Hi%20there

Facebook Ads that Click-to-WhatsApp (CTWA)

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads that Click-to-WhatsApp is an effective way for businesses to get discovered and for customers to chat with them on WhatsApp.

  • This feature allows people to easily start a message thread on WhatsApp directly from Facebook or Instagram. When a person taps on an ad that clicks-to-WhatsApp, they will be transferred to a pre-filled WhatsApp chat where they can message your business quickly. Learn how to get started with this feature here.

  • We recommend that you register the same Facebook Business Manager ID (through which you run your Facebook/Instagram ads) during the WABA application process. This feature will then become available to you.

QR codes

  • People can quickly start a conversation with your business and send messages to you on WhatsApp by scanning unique QR codes directly from their phone's camera. Rather than manually adding a business' phone number, customers can simply scan a code and immediately be sent into a WhatsApp conversation with your business like below.

  • How to use
    You can place QR codes on product packaging, receipts, invoices, and other physical or digital surfaces to respond to customer-initiated questions, such as pre-sales inquiries or post-purchase support. You can create up to 2000 unique codes and manage them directly in WhatsApp Manager.

Sending Notifications/Business Initiated Conversation on WhatsApp

To send business initiated/notification to a customer on WhatsApp, you must have

  • An explicit opt-in from that customer indicating his consent to receive messages from your business on WhatsApp (Read more about WhatsApp’s opt-in requirements below)

  • The notification message must be in the form of a message template that has been pre-approved by WhatsApp.

  • Good examples of message templates are credit card payment reminders, e-commerce order delivery status updates, loan approval status changes, policy change notices, etc.

  • WhatsApp has an upper limit of 250 message templates per WhatsApp Business account (WABA). It can be extended by raising a special request to WhatsApp with valid justification.

  • WhatsApp supports text and rich media (image, document, video) and location message templates today.