Configuring Twitter messaging channel

In this section, you will get acquainted with how to use the Twitter DM channel with Unifonic conversation APIs, your Twitter developer account needs to be connected to the conversation API app. This allows the app to receive and send messages through the connected Twitter account.



Make sure you had read through the section on Before Getting Started before proceeding with this section.

To add the Twitter DM channel to your Conversation suite

  1. log in to the Unifonic account via

  2. Navigate to Conversation from the left burger menu and you should see the conversation apps page.

  1. Click ADD NEW to add a new application or if you already have an application created then you may use it.
  1. Name the app and your app should be ready.


  • You may use a single app for different channels.
  • You may create different apps for different channels.
  • Creating an app should give you access to Public and Secret keys, which might be required while making an API request
  1. Navigate to the channel tab and click on ADD NEW to add the channel inside the app.
  1. Select Twitter channel from the available channels that are displayed before you.
  1. Complete the setup of the Twitter account. You should get these details from your Twitter developer account.

You now have a Twitter app that’s ready to power new Twitter integrations!

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