Before you start check list

Before Starting Your First Campaign

WhatsApp Business Number

It is important to complete the onboarding process and ensure that your WhatsApp business number is activated; this is because activation might take a few weeks in some cases. Therefore, we advise you to start the activation process well in advance before your campaign.

WhatsApp Template Messages

You can only send WhatsApp template messages from the campaign module, which depends on having a WhatsApp approved template to run a campaign. Ensure that your template is already approved by WhatsApp before creating campaigns. To learn more about creating and approving templates check WhatsApp messages types and how to submit the template messages

Collect Opt-Ins

What is opt-in? : Before you send any message to the end-user you need their consent to receive the messages from this business, over this business number, for this purpose.

Accepting and logging Opt-In is strongly recommended before you send your first message to recipients, as this will protect your business number from getting blocked by WhatsApp or potential reduction in number quality.

For more details check here

Before Starting Your Campaign Every Time

Tier Limit

WhatsApp has a tiering system in place that restricts the number of unique recipients you can message in single a day. Ensure that your Tier Limit is sufficient to handle the number of recipients, otherwise, your number quality will be reduced. To know more about number quality and rating see here

Recipients List

Make sure that your recipients list has standardized numbers with country codes and that all variables are properly included in any imported sheets.

Unifonic Message Balance

Check your message balance in your account on the Unifonic Cloud before sending the campaign to ensure delivery.


Restriction on campaign timing!

According to the CITC regulations and other local regulating authorities, you cannot send a promotional campaign between 10 PM - 7 AM. Hence, scheduling and initiating campaigns in this time window is blocked.


Number Quality & Tier Limits

To protect the end customers from spam messaging, WhatsApp has a strict controlling mechanism around this.

  • Every number will have a quality rating attached to it, if the customers started reporting the messages as spam, the quality rating will go down. You can see the quality rating of your number on the screen.
  • Every number will have a tier limit, this will cap the number of unique users you can send messages to in a day. the tier limit starts from 1K, 10K, 100K and Unlimited. If your number quality is down, the tier limit also goes down.
    To know more about quality rating and tier limits see here


Campaign Size

There is no limit on the campaign size, but for optimal performance consider up to ~100K recipients per campaign. For campaigns with more than 100K contacts, please reach out to your account manager in advance so that we can assign the necessary resources to your account to ensure a smoother experience.

What’s Next

Now you are aware of the prerequisites, let's create a campaign!