API Request

API request widget will allow you to interact with any external system and the Flow Studio in real-time. This widget in the flow lets you make a request to an external service either via POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, PATCH methods, and then save the response as Flow variables to personalize your flow depending on the data.



Parameter nameDescription
Methoddefines the method that will be used to call API. These are POST, GET, PUT, PATCH, DELETE,. Each of these is used for different use cases. Responses can be saved to variables (explained below):
URLAdd in this parameter the URL of the third-party system with which the flow is going to communicate.
Content-TypeThis parameter defines the content type of the body request. It can be JSON or XML
Custom Header and BodyThis field allows you to add custom key value headers in the request. Ideally for authentication purposes on queries and also you can add a custom body in JSON or XML format.
Response mappingThis parameter allows you to map any variable in the response and then use that value later on in the flow.
Enable branch featureThis parameter allows to branch the API Request based on the response code whether it is 200,400, 500, etc, and then adds the widget that will be executed based on the response.
Stop Flow on WidgetThis dropdown allows you to either stop or continue the flow in case there was an error on the request.