Products Beats - June-July 2023



Stickers Support

Meta Cloud Customers will be able to send and receive stickers in their session messages.

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Audio Content Category

Due to CST regulations, Unifonic customers will now need to specify a content label when uploading their audio files or creating an audio file with our in-house TTS. There are 5 categories - promotional, warning, personal, service and awareness. Customers are expected to choose from one of this 5 when adding an audio file to their audio library.

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Call Content Labeling

Due to CST regulations, voice calls will now be tagged with a content label which corresponds to the audio which was played on the voice call. Moving forward, calls with promotional label will only be restricted to take place within normal business hours. This is to prevent spam and midnight promotional calls.

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**Multichannel Campaign**

Multichannel Campaign

Multi-template Campaign

Multi template campaign allows you to select multiple WhatsApp templates in a campaign, divide the campaign into batches and send the campaign in chunks. A different template will be used for every batch, and you can select a gap between each batch starting from 15 min to 2 hours. You can select up to 10 templates in a single campaign.
This will enable you to send campaigns to a large group of recipients, without worrying about the WhatsApp template quality issues. Since the templates are dynamically changed for each batch, the quality of the templates will not much impact the delivery rate of the campaign.
This also helps you to analyze the performance of the templates independently. The analytics, message reports, and click reports can be filtered by the template used.

Chunk the Campaign and Send it in batches

This feature allows you to chunk the campaign in to smaller batches and send the batches with a gap in between. You can break a campaign in to 10 batches max and select a gap between each batch from 15 min to 2 hours. The system will process and send the messages in batches and adhere to the rest time between batches.
This will enable you to plan and manage the traffic when you are further orchestrating the customer responses to the campaign message. Like if you are redirecting the user from the campaign message to your website, contact center, chatbot or any 3rd party application, by batching you can control the number of customers reach out to the second leg of the customer journey from the campaign message.

Making Clicks Report Offline

For the large campaigns with more than 10,000 recipients, the clicks report will be generated offline on demand from now. Once the report is successfully generated an email will be sent and a download file link will be displayed on the screen. This will improve the report accuracy and report generation speed.

**Agent Console**

Agent Console


This module enables the users to automate basic and repetitive tasks to free up the agents’ time and enhance the customer experience. There are three sets of predefined automation rules to configure as below.

Agent Alerts

Alert unresponsive agents when there are chats waiting for them to respond.

Auto Responses

Send auto-responses to the customers on different scenarios to keep the customer engaged and save time for the agent.

Chat Rules

Automate chat reassignment and chat closures based on different conditions to fast-track the resolution and improve the customer experience.

Supervisor Role

On the contact center, to empower the middle management layer, we are Introducing a new role called Supervisor. Every team can have supervisors assigned, and the supervisor will have admin rights within the assigned teams alone. The supervisor will have access to reports, configurations, and admin functionalities within those teams.
After this release, the admin can be able to configure any agent user as a Supervisor for a single team or multiple teams. This role is only applicable to the contact center, on the chatbot these user permissions are not available.

Agent Activity Logs

This is the log where all user activities on the platform will be recorded. Here all Status related and session-related activities can be found. This is helpful to track the availability and status changes of the platform users.

New Agents List with Live Statuses on the Dashboard

On the contact center analytics page, live stats tab, we have added a detailed list of the agents with current statuses and metrics.

Note: This can be accessed by clicking on the agent stats panel from the live stats tab.

New Live Chat Metrics

A new set of live metrics are introduced to the Live stats section of the CC Analytics page. These metrics give insights into the live chat counts of different teams and channels.

Assigned chats: Total count of chats that are open and assigned to an agent in this team
• Awaiting agent reply: Total count of chats that are open, assigned to an agent & with the last message from the customer, do not consider system messages
• Awaiting customer reply: Total count of chats that are open, assigned to an agent & with the last message from the agent, do not consider system messages
Unassigned chats: Total count of chats that are in the open & unassigned, without the assignment of an agent
Closed chats: Total count of chats that are in the Closed status
• Agent closed: closed by the agent
• System closed: closed by the system

New Team Setting - Hide Agent Resolution Button

This new access control will enable admins and team supervisors to either enable or disable the RESOLVE button on the chat panel for the agents. If this setting is disabled, the agents cannot access the RESOLVE button. By default, the setting will be enabled.



Launch of AI Integration

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our AI-enabled chatbot during the month of September 2023. Our Chatbot will now more easily & accurately recognize intent and also support languages like Arabic, English and Urdu.We will very soon begin enrolling customers for an early access program. The program offers free of cost access of our AI module for the period of 3 months.The objectives of the early access program are:

  • Understanding customer feedbacks and integrating them in the product roadmap
  • Gauging customer experience and interest
  • Building momentum as we head towards a public launch

What is in it for the customers?

  • Getting a head start on the competition
  • Be one of the first to experience our AI offerings
  • Provide feedback and contribute towards our AI vision

Preferred commercial rates post the initial 3 months