Product Beats December 2022

New Platform Navigation Experience!

Out with our latest news, we have our new navigation platform up and running now. This guarantees a better experience with a more convenient process for easy access to all our products and an easy-to-use platform.

If you haven't already experienced our improved user experience, head over to the Unifonic Platform, here.

Chatbot Builder


Save and Share Chat Transcripts
Chat transcripts can now be saved which allows saving them in the form of variables and can be shared and accessed in the form of a URL.

Collect input
Inputs are now being collected from inside the Chat directly. Inputs can be collected in two methods, the user's input or integration. This will save all the time from asking for specific inputs and it will be collected with no need for any extra level of communication.

Customer Satisfaction Report Export
Customer Satisfaction reports can now be extracted for each specific survey and in the form of an excel sheet. Which is being displayed in the form of two sheets, one with the exact details of the reporting itself and the other covering the customer satisfaction metrics.

Contact Center

Message Delivery Status
Message delivery statuses are now available on the supported channels (WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger). Agents will now be able to see if the message was sent, delivered, and read (only available if the end-user has enabled the read receipt option under WhatsApp Privacy Settings). The representation of sent, delivered, and read messages follows the way they are represented in social media channels:

  • Sent message: one tick
  • Delivered message: two ticks
  • Read message: the two ticks' color is changed

The message delivery status is also available for the WhatsApp template messages.

Canned Responses Assignment to Teams
Admin users can now assign canned responses bulk to teams and mapped variables will be highlighted, this helps agents quickly validate the information in the message.

Reproduce Multimedia Files and Zoom Into Pictures
Agents can now reproduce videos and voice notes sent by end-users from the Agent Console UI, without having to download the file on their desktops. Also, pictures sent by the end-users can be zoomed-in, improving the agent experience.

Display multimedia messages send by agents on WhatsApp
Previously, multimedia messages and files sent by the agents were shown as URLs, which led to some concerns on the security side regarding URL safety and degraded the end-user experience. Starting from now, the multimedia messages sent by agents will be displayed according to their type on the end-user WhatsApp.


Native Integrations
All our communication channels can now be integration with the Ecosystems natively through our Native Integrations trigger. This capability allows users to trigger flows or execute actions based on events happening in the external tools.


Flow Variables Report
Under Executions, a new report is now available which encloses the user inputs. The report generated covers all the variables and values for each execution, this is ideal for use cases where user inputs are being collected. This guarantees having all information collected visible in a single report.



UAE Launch
Voice solutions are now available in the UAE. UAE customers will now be able to communicate through state-of-the-art voice capabilities through scalable voice calling solutions with their preferred UAE numbers.

Voice Anywhere
Random callerIDs can now be used in the account to make the call, where customer can specify within the API payload a callerID as random.