Products Beats - Jan-Mar 2023

# **Chatbot**


New Functionality


Subflows are convenient ways to organize use cases and update Chatbot flows to provide customers with the best experience. Subflows allow control over building and modifying use cases, and each subflow has a starting point that can be kept until ready to connect with the main flow.
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New Updates

Restructuring Widgets Menu

Customers can easily correlate and understand the function of each widget through our restructured widget menu based on our documentation.

Filename for Files

Filenames can be collected from any sent files via WhatsApp using Chatbot and delivered to the end-users.

Service Call - Support for XML

XML support is added to the service call as a way of extending our integration capabilities, where this helps our clients send XML requests and receive XML responses. Learn More!

Session Reports Export

Improving our session reports by adding the possibility to extract our reports from the UI.

# **Multichannel Campaigns**

Multichannel Campaigns

Pausing the Campaign Automatically

Campaigns can now be automatically paused by the system upon detection of errors such as low balance, exceeding daily WhatsApp tier limits, or poor template quality. Learn More!

Canceling the Campaign Manually

If you wish to cancel a campaign for any reason while it is still in progress, it is now possible to do so, and any remaining messages will be discarded. Learn More!

Exporting Reports Offline

Exporting reports is now asynchronous for prompt and accurate delivery. For campaigns with over 10,000 contacts, the file will download in the background and an email notification will be sent when it's ready for download. Learn More!

Advanced Validation of Numbers for Contacts Uploads

The system validates numbers on upload for country-specific length and invalid formats.
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New Updates

To make the reports more informative, we have added the detailed failure reason as a new column on the detailed reports page for all the failed messages.
To simplify the reports, we have moved the “User tier limit reached” message status under “Failed” and added a failure reason of “user tier limit reached”.
To speed up the file upload and contact validation, we have added a limit of 100 MB to the file upload size. When you upload a file larger than 100 MB, an error will be thrown right away.
If admin approval is enabled on your account, and for the campaigns that admin has rejected, you can now view the reports, and on the reports page, the campaign status would be Rejected with a rejection reason given by the admin.

# **Agent Console**

Agent Console

New Functionalities

Agent CSAT Surveys

Businesses can create a customer satisfaction survey after an agent resolves an issue, which customers can rate on a scale of 1 to 5, and the platform will record and generate reports on the ratings. Learn More!

New Shortcuts for Agents

Sending a Message

A new keyboard shortcut has been introduced to speed up message sending.

Inserting a Canned Response

This shortcut helps the agent search for and insert a canned response into the compose panel easily and quickly.
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New Updates

Re-organised Menu

Our menu is more simplified now for navigating features and pages.

# **Voice**


New Functionalities

Caller ID Prices

Customers can check the cost of owning a Unifonic Caller ID from the console. Learn More!

Fetching Number Masking Recordings via API

Number masking customers can retrieve their number masking call recordings via a simple API. Learn More!

Show Campaigns’ Audio Files

Customers can see which audio file was associated with their outbound voice campaigns, and the audio file name which will be displayed on screen and in the exported reports. Learn More!

New Updates

Creating Campaigns for Account Users

As an account user, you can create voice campaigns with only User access right.

  1. The Voice demo on the Unifonic console is now sending demonstrative calls to recipients.
  2. No more empty default response messages in UAE calls.
  3. Our Text-to-Speech feature supports male voice.
  4. Number masking for UAE calls is enhanced with the right country code.
  5. The Voice call logs are exported based on the filtered results.

# **Conversation**


New Functionalities

Email Alerts

Customers can receive email alerts for template status, updates, and phone number quality updates. Learn More!

Web Widget as a Channel

Customers can start deploying an automated web widget chatbot as a business conversation channel on their websites.

Webhook Alerts

Customers can receive webhook alerts for template status, updates, and phone number quality updates. Learn More!

# **Flow Studio**

Flow Studio

New Functionalities

Random Caller ID on the Make a Call widget

Users can initiate calls using a random caller ID from the "select caller ID" dropdown menu, choosing between KSA or UAE caller IDs. Each call will randomly select a caller ID from the available list for the selected country. Learn More!

Call Duration Variable in Flow

Users can now view the call duration of a call that has been executed in a flow. By including the end call widget, a call duration variable will be automatically created, which can be used in any API request to receive real-time call duration information.

Email Channel on Authenticate

Users can now send authentications via Email through the Authenticate application, with support for Arabic and plain text content along with required HTML code.

New Updates

Integrations Connectors

Users can see the list of available connectors. This section includes two new options connectors, which show the list of connectors and the products supported for the integration, categories per connector, new integrations released, and even details about the triggers and actions available for each connector.
The second section of the menu is called My Connections, which will show the users all the connections that are active for each one of the connectors. Learn More!