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BYOC - Do it Yourself (Bring Your Own Connectivity)

Customers will be able to add BYOC trunks to Unifonic via a direct request using the UC portal, the form will be requesting for some technical details needed for this BYOC process. On the portal, customers can also track the request status directly. Although it seem like this is a fully automated process, it isn’t. The voice engineering squad will be entertaining these requests manually. This feature is hidden behind a feature flag, and will be turned on in mid February after a complete process is documented. This feature complements a November release where customers can see BYOC trunk information.

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Test-to-Speech Usage Charging

Currently, Unifonic does not charge for using our TTS service. As part of the monetizing initiative, we will be proceeding to charge for all TTS usages. The charging rates are in accordance with this rating sheet.

Hindi Language Support in Neural Text-to-Speech

Customers are now able to use Hindi Text-to-Speech if they sign up with our Neural TTS subscription.

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URL $ Domain Whitelisting in SMSC (Short Message Service Center)

Today, customers are sending messages that contain links/URL. Attackers are exploiting this to carry out OTP flooding and sending fraudulent messages to recipients
We have implemented a 2nd-level checks on our SMS gateway to filter all messages being received from our customers and only process these if the domain name in the added links/URLs is found to have been initially whitelisted by the customer.