Whatsapp APIs

In this section, you will get acquaintanced with the Whatsapp APIs which Unifonic has to provide.

The Unifonic Whatsapp API suite comprises of the following:

Sending Messages:

  • Template Message API - sending pre-approved outbound messages that opens up a 24-hour conversation window, also known as a session.
  • Session Message API - sending free form messages when a conversation window or session is opened.

Managing your Whatsapp Service:

  • Template Management API -retrieve your templates via Unifonic API
  • Catalog Management API - retrieve your product catalogue via Unifonic API

Inbound Message Webhook and others:

  • Incoming Messages Webhook - creating a webhook to receive your incoming whatsapp messages
  • Outbound Message Delivery Status Webhook - get notification about your outbound message
  • Account Management Webhooks - get notifications about number quality, template quality and status

In order to start using Unifonic Whatsapp API, you will need to get a pair of API Key and Secret.


Get Started

To get started quickly, use the Unifonic Whatsapp Sandbox