Other Webhooks

In this section, you will be acquainted with the other Whatsapp Webhooks.
Other than managing your received messages and getting updates on your message delivery status, you may also get updates on your number quality, template status and whether your wab number has reached its daily limits.


Email alerts

You are automatically subscribed to email alerts for Phone Number Quality Change and Template Status Change

Unifonic's conversation platform allows you to configure multiple webhook URLs

Configuring Webhook URLs

  1. Navigate to the Channels > WhatsApp.

  1. Click the Edit button, and navigate to the WEBHOOK tab.

  1. Click ADD NEW to paste the webhook URL on which the user would like to receive the incoming webhook responses for received messages



Getting updates about your template status change allows you to manage your outreach campaign strategy. If a template is paused due to user reports, you might want to use another number or template to reach your end users.

Sample Webhook Payload

Daily Limit Hit

If the daily limit is reached, any further attempts to send an outbound message would result in this webhook notification. To discover more about daily limits, please read this guide.


Phone Number Quality Change

If there is a change in Number Quality, a webhook notification will be sent. Phone number quality is usually negatively affected by end users' activities. i.e. some end users have reported or blocked your whatsapp number. Or other occasions, it is merely because you have reached your daily limit and it is time to cool down your outreach!

The good thing is, phone number quality recovers after a few days of no-activity. To discover more about phone number quality, please read this guide.

   "verifiedName":"Unifonic Test",

Template Status Change

Template status may change from time to time. For example, a template status would be pending for approval after submission. A template status may also change if a message was reported multiple times by end users, read this guide to find out more about the various template statuses.

Possible values - status