Webhook Trigger

This section explains how to use webhook trigger and the configuration required.

Webhook triggers contain 3 main points of configuration. The first one is about the show post request link. Once this is clicked it will open a pop-up where a cURL will help the user understand how to integrate Flow Studio via API. For more information please visit this section How to trigger flow from API now the second configuration which is the show auth regeneration post request is only needed if the Token of the first API expired. Otherwise, there is no need for that configuration.


Post request and auth generation request

Those 2 endpoints will be visible only once the flow is published. Prior to this that info is not shown.

Payload mapping

This configuration allows users to map the payload that is sent in the API. It is worth mentioning that this endpoint supports only JSON payload and ANY payload can be sent to this endpoint. In this section, users can configure the parameters they want to map from the API and use them as variables. The variable name is up to the user but the Path of the variable is based on the payload that is received and it is dot (.) separated in case it is a nested JSON object. If it is an array then it just has to select the position of the specific variable. As of now, Array variables are not supported.