In this section, you will find information about receiving webhook callbacks from our products and integrating them into your own systems.

To reach this section go to the main menu to Developers>>Webhook

Now, in this section, you can see the list of previously created webhooks, Edit, delete, and even add new ones.

Add new webhook

After clicking on Add new webhook the following page will be displayed, here is the description of each one of the fields required to add a new webhook

Field nameDescription
NameAny name that will help you to identify the purpose of the webhook
Endpoint URLIn this field, you can add as many webhooks as you want and in all of them, the events registered will be sent. It should be the URL where you will receive the events and it has to be an HTTPS URL format.
DescriptionOptional field where you can enter brief details of the webhook
Webhook statusBy default it is inactive, so just click on active to make sure the webhook is live and will start to receive the events. If it is inactive, nothing will be posted on the webhooks configured.


In this section, you will be able to configure the events that should be sent to the Webhook endpoints you previously configured.



By clicking on the add event button, you will be able to add a new event. So it means you can receive multiple events on the same webhooks configured.

Field nameDescription
ProductHere is the list of products from Unifonic that support Webhook capability.
Event typeEach product can have more than one event so here you select which specific event you want to receive in the webhook.

Payload mapping

In this step you will be able to adjust the payload that Unifonic will send to your endpoint. Here you will have the ability to remove specific properties that are not required or even rename properties based on your preferences. This is optional and by default all the properties will be sent to the webhook configured.

Custom header

In this step, you are able to add custom headers that can be used as authentication mechanisms for all the events sent to your webhook

Finally, Once all the steps are configured click on save and you will be able to start to receive events in your webhooks.


Webhook service IP

In order to whitelist the events coming from Unifonic please us the following IP.