Voice Campaigns (User Guide)

Voice Campaigns is targetted at helping our customers reach their end users via a Notification Call with zero code required.


In order to access the Unifonic Voice Campaign, you simply have to follow the following steps:

Login to your Unifonic Account > Campaigns


In order to start sending a Voice Campaign, simply click on "START NEW CAMPAIGN" and select "New Voice Campaign"

  1. Under Campaign Settings, give your campaign a name and select the Caller ID of your choice. You may also select a Secondary CallerID if you would like to. If no caller IDs are available, simply refer to this guide.
  2. Then, select the audio file which you would like to use on the Campaign. Once the call is connected, Unifonic will play this audio file to the end user/recipient. If no options are available, simply follow this guide.
  3. Next, add the recipients that you want to contact. Do take note that the recipients phone numbers should be in the E164 format.
  4. There are two ways you can add recipients.
    1. Custom: Manually add recipients one by one
    2. Recipient from File: Upload an xlsx or csv file, download the sample file to understand the format
  1. Advanced Options:
    1. Schedule campaign: plan for a Campaign ahead of time
    2. Call retries: each call retry will take place 1 minute after the last missed/failed call
    3. Collect user feedback: add the IVR options to be populated on the chart


IVR using Campaigns

In order to use IVR within your Voice Campaigns, the Audio File to be played should be asking a question and providing options for the user to input on their numpad, also known as Dual-tone multi frequency (DTMF)

Under advanced options, the Collect User Feedback (IVR) setting should be enabled. And options must be configured.

Only one question is allowed as only one audio file can be configured to be played on the call. For more questions and answer, customers are advised to use Flow-Based Campaigns instead.

Campaign Creation

Once the configurations of the campaign is completed, simply click on "CREATE CAMPAIGN". You will undergo a 2FA verification before the campaign can be accepted by Unifonic. If no scheduling is in place, Unifonic will trigger the campaign immediately.


Unifonic Campaigns functions within Business Hours

The Unifonic Voice Campaigns only works between 8am to 9.30pm daily. This is in accordance with local regulations.

Once the Campaign is created, you can now monitor its progress. If a campaign is scheduled, you can now see its status as "scheduled". Scheduled Campaigns can be deleted before the start date/time.

Campaign Outcome

When a Campaign is in progress, or after a Campaign has completed, the Campaign report is visible. Simply click on the "eye icon" to see the campaign report.

You would be able to get information about the campaign's statistic. Do note that the statistic will change from time to time if the campaign is in progress, as call statuses are getting updated in realtime.


Campaign processing speed

The speed of which your campaign is taking place is directly related to the number of sip channels you possess. On average, a 1000 recipient campaign takes around 30 minutes to complete. In order to achieve faster rate of calling, you should speak with your Account Manager to get more SIP Channels in your account.

Other than campaign statistics, campaign information can also be found simply by scrolling down. This includes the Caller ID that was used to make the outbound call.


Feature Upgrade

A recent release has enabled customers to see why a call has failed

You may also view detailed status tab to get the breakdown per recipient. Exporting the report as a xlsx/csv file is also possible. Simply click on the green button - "EXPORT", and select Campaign Report.

If the recipient size is less than 500, a direct download would take place to your local device. If the recipient size is more than 500, an email with an attachment will be sent to your user account's email address.

Other than exporting a campaign report, you may also export the non-recipient list. This list comprises of all of the recipients that did not complete/answer your calls. Conveniently create another campaign by targetting this group of recipient with this sheet.

Insufficient Balance

In case your campaign is ongoing and you have ran out of account balance, the remaining calls will automatically be cancelled by our system. Under remarks of the detailed status, you may find "insufficient fund" as a reason for your cancelled calls. Please contact your account manager to find out how you may top-up your account balance.

Enriched Call Statuses

As of October 2023, making calls using our UAE caller IDs would allow you to get more details about a call. These details are shown under the remarks of each detailed status by recipient.

These remarks might be of particular interest in case a call has failed. These are the complete mapping of failure reason:

Number in PortingThe number is in porting at the moment and is unavailable
Service TerminatedThe number is valid, but it does not have a commercial service in place.
Number Format InvalidThe number you have defined does not have a valid format and is not callable.
Network FailureThe number you have defined is either out of service or out of reception.
UnreachableThe number you have defined is switched off.
UnknownNo specified reasons, please try again later.