On this page, the admin can view all the users that are registered on the contact center platform. Only Admin and Agent roles are visible here. The supervisor role is not visible here, as the role is applicable only inside a team.

User roles

On the contact center, there are 3 user roles available. Below is the explanation for each role


Super user of the platform. This user can perform any action and can access any feature on the platform. Note that the admin has to add himself or herself as an agent in a team to receive chats as an agent.


This is a middle management layer role. An agent user can be assigned as a supervisor for a single team or multiple teams. Wiseversa, every team can have single or multiple supervisors assigned. The supervisor will have admin rights within the assigned teams alone. The supervisor will have access to reports, configurations, and admin functionalities within those teams. The admin user can be able to configure any Supervisor from the Create team or Edit team popup.


The agent is the user who handles the customer chats directly and updates them accordingly. The agent will have only access to the chat panel and profile pages. All chats will be directed to the agents by default. Agents should be part of the team to handle the chats, one agent can be part of multiple teams.


This is just a reference page hence no actions are available here.

Users list

Users list