Trusted Domains

Ensuring account security through managing Domain Whitelisting (Trusted Domains) by Unifonic Platform.

Unifonic provides its clients with a "Trusted Domain" tool to combat spam and malicious content effectively.

This tool enables clients to add the list of domains utilized within the content of their SMS messages. Any SMS message containing a domain not on the configured list will be promptly blocked.

How to use Trusted Domain

  1. Navigate to Admin from the left menu bar, then click Security, it is only accessible for Account Admin users.
  1. The following screen appears where you'll be able to add your domains

  1. On the previous screen, users can input domains by typing them and pressing ENTER. Afterward, they can click on the SAVE button once they have finished. A two factor authentication is required to save the changes.
  1. After the authentication confirmation, the feature will check every single message triggered; if the domains inside the do not match the list, the messages will be rejected with the reason: "Message body is not allowed!"