Understanding WABA hosting


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What is a WABA Instance?

WABA instance, is a colloquial term used by Unifonic to represent the hosted service of the Whatsapp Business API Client.
In order for you to access the Whatsapp service via API, WhatsApp requires the WhatsApp Business API Client to be installed and maintained according to Meta guidelines. As an official WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider - Unifonic will do this installation, hosting and maintenance on behalf of our customers.

When this WABA instance is up and running, the hosted service can communicate with WA servers in an end-to-end-encrypted manner, preventing malicious users from accessing this information.

What is the Whatsapp Business API client?

The WhatsApp Business API Client consists of a set of Docker containers, as well as database and media volumes which stores the media files that you send or receive.

A WhatsApp Business API Client consists of the following components:

  • WebApp - handles authentication and authorization of API requests before passing it to the CoreApp
  • CoreApp - receives Rest API requests from the WebApp, and sends encrypted messages to the WhatsApp server. It also receives incoming messages from the WhatsApp server, before sending it to Unifonic via the webhook server. It also downloads and saves media to the media volume.
  • Database - persists data such as messages, contacts, configurations.
  • Media volume - persists media data that is sent or delivered.
  • Webhook server - receives incoming http messages before dispatching to Unifonic's subscribed endpoints.

How is the message sent?

Messages are encrypted between the WhatsApp app on a user’s smartphone through the WhatsApp infrastructure / data centers until it reaches our WABA Instance. It is only then that the decryption of messages will takes place.

After you sent an outbound message through the Unifonic Whatsapp API, the messages are processed to our Unifonic Business Layer before it is sent to the WABA Instance where it gets encrypted and dispatched into the WhatsApp infrastructure and finally pushed to the targeted device, where it is decrypted again.

Security and Hosting options

The Unifonic Whatsapp API have in effect multiple levels of security layers as advised by the Meta guidelines, these are administrative, physical and technical safeguards that meet or exceed industry standards and are locally compliant with applicable Laws relating to privacy and security. The Unifonic WhatsApp for Business service is designed to prevent any unauthorized access, use, processing, storage, destruction, loss, alteration or disclosure of User Data.

  1. Passwords and Authentication: All requests to the WhatsApp API must be authorized with an security token - made up of public and secret key.
  2. SSL Configuration: All outbound and inbound access to the WABA instance requires HTTPS with Unifonic VPN
  3. Message Encryption

Hosting Options

On PremMeta Cloud
WhatApp Business Client API is hosted on Unifonic's infrastructure, managed and maintained by UnifonicWhatsApp Business Client API is hosted on Meta's infrastructure, managed and maintained by Meta
Multi-connect options available for higher throughput capability. It can range from 80 to 500 MPS depending on set-up. (Take note: Throughput depends on your package tiers with Unifonic)Whatsapp Message Throughput is managed by Meta. It can range from 80 MPS to 1000 MPS depending on approvals. (Take note: Throughput depends on your package tiers with Unifonic)
Data pertaining to message content and media files are stored securely in the hosted country/region, and all message to the Whatsapp Server is encrypted from thereon.Data pertaining to message content and media files are stored securely in the hosted region which may reside outside of your home country, and all message to the Whatsapp Server is encrypted from thereon.
Available only for enterprise tiers and additional fees may applyAvailable as default for all tiers

What's next

After the successful setup of the WABA instance, which is often completed as part of the embedded sign up flow on the Unifonic Console, you will be able to use the Unifonic Whatsapp API to start sending Whatsapp Messages. Your business can start integrating with the Unifonic WhatsApp API, and receive incoming messages using our Webhook Management Service.


Only one WAB number can be linked to the WABA Instance