Understanding the different call statuses

Generic Call Status

Call StatusDefinitionRemarks
CompletedCall is answeredYou will also find a positive integer for the call duration and this call will be charged
Completed with FailureCall is answered but some error occuredYou will also find a positive integer for the call duration but the call was ended due to some failure on the network
No Answer or Not AnsweredCall was not answered despite ringingNo call duration will be present.
BusyCall was declined by the receiverNo call duration will be present.
Rejected or CancelledCall was cancelled by UnifonicThis could be due to some business rules on security policy or acceptable term of use. i.e. call was made outside of business hours
FailedCall was not attempted by the operatorThis could be due to the following reasons:
i. invalid e.164 string
ii. unreachable recipient
iii. network error
iv. network congestion
v. inaccurate call status submitted by operator (more common for international calls)
QueuedCall is being processed This could be due to congestion on the network due to insufficient or unavailable sip channels

Enriched Call Status

In case a call has failed, some insights as to why the call has failed could be provided. This is not guaranteed on every call, as we are dependent on carriers providing these insights.

Enriched Call StatusDefinitions
UnreachableSubscriber appears to be absent on the network.
Number in Porting/Service TerminatedSubscriber appears to be in the process of number porting and cannot be reached. Or the number has been terminated.
No specified reasons. Please try again.In case there were not specific reasons provided by operator, this message might be shown.


Where are these enriched call status found?

These enriched call status are found on voice call logs, campaign reports