Understanding Reasons of SMS Non-delivery

If a message has been transitioned to the state Undelivered, then it must have happened for one of the following reasons:

  • The message has not passed validations within Unifonic platform.
  • Unifonic has successfully submitted the message to the mobile operator, but received a delivery receipt (DLR) indicating that the message was not delivered to the mobile device.

Each Undelivered message is tagged with appropriate error code and failure reason description that would help you to understand what exactly was wrong with each particular message that has not been delivered.

Error CodeError MessageExplanation
ER-01 No rate found or insufficient fundsCustomer account balance is not enough or a country package is missing.
ER-02 Invalid destination numberRecipient's phone number validation failed, the number might be wrongly formatted.
ER-03 Invalid destination number (too long)Recipient's phone number validation failed, the number is likely having extra digits as it was detected to be too long for the given country and mobile operator.
ER-04 Invalid destination number (too short)Recipient's phone number validation failed, the number is likely missing some digits as it was detected to be too short for the given country and mobile operator.
ER-05No route found for the destination numberPossible reasons:
The destination number you are trying to reach is unknown and may no longer exist.
The device cannot receive SMS (for example, the phone number belongs to a landline).
* There is an issue with the mobile operator
ER-06Invalid or empty message bodyThe message body does not contain readable text or is empty.
ER-07Message filteredYour message content was flagged as going against mobile operator guidelines. Your message was filtered (blocked) by Unifonic or by the operator.
ER-08Invalid SenderIDSenderID that you are using is not registered or registration was terminated by the mobile operator.
ER-09Duplicated messageThe message was detected as duplicate to a recent message sent to the same recipient with the same content which violates mobile operator guidelines.
ER-10TimeScheduled parameter invalid/missingThe timeScheduled parameter must be valid and indicate a time in the future.
ER-11Invalid message body (too long)The message is too long and can not be delivered.
ER-12Message validity period is expiredMessage validity period provided by the customer for this message has expired and the message was not delivered.
ER-13Destination country not allowedThe country of the recipient is not allowed for sending messages from this account or SenderID. This happens when the country was blocked by Geo-Permissions.
ER-14 Destination is in BlacklistThe recipient's phone number is in blacklist.
ER-99 Unknown errorWhen we receive a very generic error from a mobile operator that we have no further details about, or we have a temporary internal system failure within Unifonic – we associate the message with the "Unknown error". This is usually a temporary error that shall be lifted shortly after it appeared in the system. Please check the status page for ongoing incidents at status.unifonic.com or contact Customer Support if the message keeps appearing.