Tracking URLs

Unifonic's uLink is a service that creates short unique URLs and then records the time and user location when this URL is clicked. This service is useful in campaigns where you want to track the user conversion, guage user interest, or log Opt-Ins or Opt-outs.


How uLink track URL works

For an instance, when sending an Opt-In campaign to 100K customers so you can log their consent for privacy reasons and compliance, uLink can create 100K unique short links on the fly, and then log the clicks on each link. Once the user has clicked on the link, the time of click and location will be recorded and the user will be redirected to the original landing page URL you provided for creating the link.

Below is a sample Opt-in message with ** **.


Messages with uLink track URL

How to Insert uLink Track URLs in Campaigns?

In the campaign creation wizard, if the message template has variables, a list of variables will appear where you can select the variable source for each variable name.

To insert a uLink simply click the "Source" dropdown list and configure accordingly as per the example below.

*To learn more about variables see Message variables


uLink generation

For each variable, under the Source column, you will find two options for uLink

  • uLink- Track URL
  • uLink-track URL dynamic

1. uLink- Track URL

This option will enable you to create unique URLs for every contact in the campaign and insert the link into the variable you selected. When the users click on the link all users will be redirected to the same landing page.

You must provide this URL in the Additional Info field.

For example, you can use the same company landing page such as which all your recipients will be redirected to when they click the URL they received in the message.


uLink with static landing page

2. uLink- Track URL dynamic

Using this option you can provide a unique landing page for every contact. So when the users click on the link every user will be redirected to a unique landing page.

For example, you can use a different landing page such as which recipients will be redirected to when they click the URL they received in the message. However, each recipient will be redirected to their own URL including their own username.

You can add the URLs as a separate column in the recipient's list and map the column from the Additional Info field.


uLink with dynamic landing pages


Hints & Tips!

On WhatsApp, you can insert these tracking URLs under the CTA button - Visit Website also (as mentioned above).
Note that while creating the WhatsApp template, you have to choose URL type Dynamic and provide the BASE URL itself. On the campaigns, the variable part of the URL will be added automatically as you configure.

Track URL Domain (change base URL)

By default, all the short links will be created with Unifonic's base URL You can also customise your base URL to align with your business name or official website, to do so please reach out to your account manager.

If you have your own base URL(s), while creating the campaign you can choose which base URL you want to use to create the short URLs.

You can click on the Change base URL button, and choose the desired base URL from the popup as shown below.


Choose base URL

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