Flow Studio uses Widgets to represent various parts of Unifonic's functionality that can then be stitched together in your Flow Studio Flow to build out robust applications that require no coding on your part.


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The Triggers begin each unique Flow Studio flow and allow your flow to respond to an incoming call or a flow initiated with the Flow Studio REST API. A trigger is an event that starts a flow. Flows canโ€™t run without a trigger.

When you create a new custom flow, the user is requested to select which event is required to be used as a trigger.

Available Triggers

Inbound VoiceThis trigger waits for an incoming phone call.
WebhookConfigure this trigger to wait for an API call.
IntegrationsConfigure this trigger to trigger flows based on events happening on an external application that is available in the integrations section.
CampaignConfigure this trigger if you want to send a Flow-based campaign. this is ideal for marketing automation where based on the status of a message from any channel you can fail over to another type of channel.
ChatbotConfigure this trigger when you want to execute a flow from Chatbot. In chatbot there is a widget called Integrations and that widget will show you all the flows that have the Chatbot as a trigger.
SchedulerConfigure this trigger when you want to automate repetitive tasks. I,e: Schedule a whatsapp campaign. Schedule invoice payment reminders at specific time

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