Track Unrecognized phrases

When your bot is now live, and end users are coming and sending messages, you will want to keep track of how the Bot is behaving and if the Bot cannot understand something.

To get this, we mentioned the Failure port of our Intent engine

Failure port is going to be triggered in the following cases:

  • When the end user sends something that is not text (like an image, file, etc, meaning something that the AI engine cannot process)
  • When the AI engine returns that we don't have a match between the end user's message and intents in our database

When we don't have a match between the end user's message and intents, we will be storing this message under Unrecognized phrases, so you can keep track of what new use cases you can introduce, or if you need additional phrases to the current intent, to improve accuracy. This will help your bot grow over time, and give you insights about why your end users are coming to the bot.

You will see as well Frequency counter, which counts how many times this phrase is actually repeating.

Once you see Uncrecognized phrases, you can do the following actions:

  • Add to Intent, which will add a phrase to the current existing Intents and increase accuracy
  • Create intent, which will guide you to the page to Create new intent, and add additional use cases to your Bot