Setup Apple push notification (APN)

  1. [iOS] Create an APNs key in the Apple Developer Center
    Go to and log into the Apple Developer Account
  2. Find the “Keys” page on the Account Overview page, or directly go to after logging in.
  1. On the “Keys” page, click the blue “plus” icon at the top, next to the title “Keys”.
  1. Give the new Key a name. This can be any name, but we recommend something that lets you easily identify where it is being used.
  2. The only “Service” that you need to enable is the “Apple Push Notification services (APNs)”.
  1. Click “Continue” and then proceed to “Download” the .p8 Key file on the next page. Ensure that you store this file in a secure location. Further, take note of the “Key ID” as it is required in a later step too. The .p8 Key file you downloaded, will most likely include the Key ID in the file name (typically something like AuthKey_123456789.p8):