Setup Android push notification in Notice

This guide describes how to configure Push Notifications in an Android app for Unifonic Notice and send push notifications through this app. Please follow the below steps:

  1. Configure Push Notification in the Android app
    Configure Android push notifications in your Android app by enabling the Firebase console and retrieving FCM Key. To enable login to your Firebase Account ( Add the project to your Firebase Console

Set project name and location as shown in the below image


Download google-services.json file and add it to the root directory of your Android app project. Add Firebase SDK to your android app in Firebase Console.

Go to your PubNub Admin Dashboard and select your keyset.

Scroll to “Mobile Push Notifications” in the list, enable the Push Notifications add-on, and enter the API key for the app you just created in the Firebase console. You can find your FCM key (listed as the Server key in the Firebase console) by going to “Project Overview” in the left sidebar, clicking on “Settings”, and selecting the “Cloud Messaging” tab.

  1. Configure Push Notification Credentials in Notice App Instance
    2.1. Create credentials to save Android push notification app credentials in Notice App as shown in this image.

2.2. Select Credential Type as "Android Push (FCM)" and provide FCM Key, as provided in the image.


2.3. Update Notice App Instance to use the above-created credentials as FCM Credentials.