Send WhatsApp Template - Messaging Widget

The Send WhatsApp Template widget allows you to send WhatsApp Template Messages through Flow Studio.

  1. The user has to ensure having at least 1 template created and approved in our conversations product.
  2. Then the user can do the configuration of parameters to send a WhatsApp message.


Application Id This dropdown allows you to select the Application that you want to use to send your SMS. This application should be previously configured on the SMS applications section of the platform.
Destination NumberThis parameter allows you to configure the destination number where you want to send the message. The number must be in the international format and with the + icon as a prefix. I,e: +971562600000.

In this field, you can also use a variable. So every time a flow is executed the destination number change. Just include the double brackets ( {{ ) and then a pop-up with available variables will be shown.
Message TemplateOnce you click on this parameter it will open another section and there you will be able to select a template that was previously configured on the Whatsapp channel on our UC platform. Then based on the variables assigned to the template selected then values can be mapped based on variables created in the flow.
FailOverThis action allows you to branch a flow based on 3 main concepts.

Message sent: In case the message is accepted by our SMS gateway do something otherwise do another action.

Message delivered: In case the message is delivered then perform an action otherwise do another action.

Message Read: In case the message is read during the waiting time configured, then perform an action otherwise do another action.
Stop flow on widget failureBy default, this option is Yes. It means in case there is a failure in the execution of this widget the flow will stop immediately. In case you configured as No. Despite the message failing the flow will continue the execution.
Whatsapp Id VariableThis section allows you to create a variable that will store the message Id received from the SMS channel and then later you can have it in your .csv report or even can be sent to you back via API using our API request widget.

This will be very useful in case you, later on, want to correlate and see more details of a specific message on our message logs section.