Mobile Push Notifications Activation

In order to start the Push notifications activation you need to do the following steps.

  1. Access to Unifonic Platform and then from the main menu, click on Channels, then Push notifications.
  1. Once you access this section, click on add new credentials.

Note: This step is required to connect the FCN or APN credentials of your mobile app with our APIs.

  1. Then add your credentials either for FCM or APN and save it.
  1. Once you have set the credentials of your mobile app then go to the developers' section and select applications to generate the API Key and token.
  1. Once you access that section goes to the Push notifications tab and click on create new credentials.
  1. Now it is time to connect the credentials you configured previously to our application, so then the system will generate the X-PUSH-APP-ID required to use the push API.
  1. To get the X-PUSH-APP-ID value just copy the value generated in the list of applications as Public ID
  1. The last parameter required for the API is the Authorization token. This can be found by clicking on the Edit icon next to the selected application and then once clicking there it will be visible on the top left side as shown in the image below.
  1. Now you can go to our API documentation for Push and use the Create Push notifications endpoint.