Searching Message Logs Report

This report provides the user with the ability to search messages by phone number and/or dates.

To search for messages

  1. Access the Message Logs report page. For more information, click here.
  1. Click the calendar icon, and select the date range to search for the required message.
  1. From the Sender name drop-down list, select the name of the sender.
  2. In the Recipient number box, type the number of the recipient of the message together with the country code, then click Search. The report is generated with the following:
Column labelIndication
Message Status SENT: Indicates the SMS has been sent successfully from Unifonic to the Operator (e.g: STC, Etisalat, etc.)
NOT SENT: This status occurs when there is an issue in sending the SMS
Message ContentThe content of the message sent. To display the content of the message, click Show Content and click Hide Content to make the content disappear.
The message content disappears in 5 minutes.
Sender NameThe Sendername
Sent by ClientIndicates the time sent by the client by date and time in milliseconds.
Sent to OperatorIndicates the time Unifonic sent the message to the operator (e.g: STC, Etisalat, etc.) by date and time in milliseconds.
Delivered to CustomerIndicates the time the message has been delivered to the customer by date and time in milliseconds.

Message Logs results