Listing Campaigns

Here you can find all your existing campaigns with the current status of the campaign. Depending on the campaign status, actions are provided as floating buttons against each campaign. Below is the list of actions with relevant conditions.

  • Edit: enabled for campaigns with 'draft' status. You can edit the campaign
  • Delete: enabled for campaigns with 'draft' status. You can delete the draft campaign permanently, which is not reversible. (If the campaign has any TEST messages, the campaign cannot be deleted as there will be linked reports for the messages sent as Test)
  • Cancel Schedule: enabled for campaigns with 'scheduled' status. You can cancel an upcoming schedule and reschedule the campaign.
  • View: enabled for campaigns with 'in-progress ' and 'complete' statuses. You can view the live campaign messages statuses for the in-progress campaigns and fully generated reports for completed campaigns

Campaign Statuses:
Depending on the state of the campaign, a status will be given to every campaign. Below is the explanation for each campaign status

  • Draft: A campaign that is saved as a draft, can be edited and executed later
  • Scheduled: Campaign scheduled for a future date to be auto-executed
  • In-Progress: Campaign which is running right now. You can access real-time reports.
  • Completed: Campaign which has finished execution. You can access the final reports.
  • Pending approval: An approval request has been sent to the admin, and the admin is yet to respond; once approved, the campaign will be either scheduled or initiated.
  • Rejected: Approval rejected by the admin
  • Paused: Campaign is paused by the system. The reason for the pause will be sent to you in the email notification. You can Resume or Cancel the campaign once paused.

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Hints and Tips

You can use the provided filters to filter and sort the campaigns in the list.