IP Whitelisting

Ensuring account security through managing IP Whitelisting by Unifonic Platform.

Implementing IP whitelisting stands as a valuable security measure for our clients, enabling them to manage and limit account access via Unifonic's APIs. This approach serves as a safeguard against unauthorized entry attempts, guaranteeing that exclusively sanctioned IP addresses can establish connections and leverage Unifonic's services.

How to setup IPs Addresses

  1. Navigate to Admin from the left menu bar, then click Security, and it is only accessible for Account Admin users.
  1. The following screen appears where you'll be able to add IPs addresses.
  1. From the previous screen, the user is able to add the IP address, then click ADD button, once the user is done with adding the IP, click Save button to save all new additions.



The system allows the users to add up to 50 entries of IPs addresses.

  1. The user is also able to hover over the question Icon to show a quick preview on how to fill in the IP addresses.


Once the list is saved, it can not be fully emptied. You can remove individual IPs but there must be at least 1 IP in the list.



The IP whitelist is only applicable to API usage, if the user does not use our APIs and only use our GUI application then there is no impact on the usage.

  • Unifonic's platform does not allow its users to create new HTTP applications without having IP whitelists in the accounts, and the system will automatically directs the user to a view where s/he can add IP whitelists, notice the following error message when the user tried to create new SMS HTTP application.

However, users who have existing traffic without an IP whitelist are not impacted and can still send traffic with their existing integrations without IP whitelist but will be prevented as stated above from creating new applications without it.


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