IP Management Guide


The objective of this document is to provide clarity on what is required in order to utilize Unifonic’s IP whitelisting feature. Within this document, we help explain some important concepts about IP Addresses. The document also provides resources to help set up static IP addresses which can be added to the security configuration of your account to whitelist traffic from those IP addresses.

IP Address Definition

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique number assigned to every device on a network. It helps to identify computers or servers connecting to other computers or servers. The below section highlights some types of IP addresses that are relevant to the purpose of this document.

Static IP Address

A static IP address is a fixed address assigned to a device. This is typically used to host websites/applications or running servers. The static IP address is usually configured by the network administrator or the service provider. A static IP address can be either public or private.



At Unifonic, we encourage all of our customers to configure public static IP addresses on the servers that they use to connect to our APIs. These public static IP addresses can then be whitelisted to ensure the security of your integration with Unifonic’s APIs.


The below resources can help you on the journey to set up a static IP address with your service/cloud provider. After this is completed, you can then move ahead to Unifonic’s platform and whitelist those pubic static IP addresses. Click here to learn more about how to use IP whitelisting in Unifonic’s platform.



The below resources are meant to help you understand how to setup public static IP addresses with your service provider. If your provider is not listed or if you require more help, we recomment that you reach out to your network administrator, IT department or contact your service provider directly.


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