Intents in Chatbot

In Unifonic, we believe in the transformative power of AI in Chatbots to revolutionize the way our clients interact with users and provide exceptional customer experiences.

What are Intents in Chatbot:

A chatbot is like a little robot you can talk to over messaging channels. Intents are like the chatbot's "listening ears." When you talk to a chatbot, it tries to understand what you want to do or know. Intents are like different categories of things you might ask the chatbot. For example, if you're talking to a chatbot about a weather app, you might have intents like "Get Weather," "What is my account balance," and "What is status for my order." The chatbot uses these intents to figure out how to respond to your questions and help you out.

Think of intents as the chatbot's way of knowing what you want and how to help you. Just like how you use different words to ask for different things, intents help the chatbot understand what you're asking for and give you the right answer.