Incoming Call Applications

In this section, you will be acquainted with creating an inbound handler or otherwise known as an incoming call application, which is necessary for using the Unifonic Voice APIs to handle incoming calls.

To create an Incoming call voice application

  1. Give your voice app a name, this can be changed anytime.
  2. Assign a caller ID to this voice app. from the corresponding drop-down list. Only caller IDs that have not been assigned to any applications will be available.


If you cannot find a Caller ID, simply request one on the Voice Channel home page.

  1. Configure your IVR Endpoint. Our system will be querying this GET API for the IVR instruction whenever an inbound call is received at this Caller ID.
  2. Set the Authorization token. This step may be optional if your API doesn't require an Authorization token in the Headers.
  3. Create the Application.

Now the application has been successfully created, it will be on the Application Page.