Add Intents and training phrases

To start using AI Intents inside Chatbot, first, you need to define what use cases you would like to cover and what you would like to automate using our Chatbot Builder.

Some of the use cases can be "What is my order status", "Where is your closest branch", "I want to apply for a loyalty program", "What are your working hours", etc.

When you establish what you want to automate, then you need to prepare a data set of training phrases, that match that Intent. The minimum of phrases we need per one Intent is 10 and the maximum you can add to our data set is 200 per Intent. This will help your chatbot to have a minimum level of understanding, so the engine can correctly predict what customers are writing and asking for.

Once you define the use cases you want to cover, you also need to select the languages you want to support. At the moment, our engine is supporting the following languages:

  • Arabic (with dialects)
  • English
  • Urdu

Some of the examples you need to define for the data set, for a use case of "Order status" can be: "Where is my order?", "Help me to find my order", "Can you share with me my order status", etc. Phrases defined in the data set are expectations of how your customers are going to talk to the chatbot.

How to add Intents

Intent refers to a goal the customer has in mind when typing a question to your chatbot. A minimum of 10 training phrases per Intent is required to enable training for the NLP engine. The maximum number of intents is 100 and the maximum number of phrases per intent is 200.

To start adding Intents, click on Intents tab and click Add intent

To create intent you need to define the following:

  • Name of intent, that should be descriptive, explaining the use case we had in mind when defining points we want to automate
  • Language selection and all phrases added should be in the language selected
  • Category. As of now, we have three predefined categories: General, Small Talk, and FAQs, that will enable you to group your Intents, and easily use them inside the Bot builder. This will help while building the bot, for easier organization.
  • Phrases

Once you add all phrases, click Save.

You can also add intents by using _xlsx_document, where you add all of your Intents, training phrases, and Category, and easily upload by selecting the language of your intents.

Once you choose the file you want to upload, click the Import button.

If you need to check an example of a file for import, you can Download a Sample File, which will give you guidance.


Import intent behavior

  • Chatbot will ignore row if either intent or phrase is empty
  • Chatbot will ignore the row if phrase already exists for that Intent
  • Chatbot will ignore row if limit exceeds maximum number of training phrases
  • Chatbot will ignore row if limit exceeds maximum number of intents
  • If Category is not available system will set it as General.
  • If intent already exists system will ignore the Category
  • If you are uploading intents that already exists, then system will override all the phrases of these intents

Once you are on the Intents page, you will get the list of Intents and respective details that you defined:

  • Name
  • Count of phrases
  • Creation date of intent
  • Last update date of intent
  • Category
  • Language

In case you want to Export all intents you have under this Chatbot, you can easily click on Export button, which will download Excel file for you.

When all Intents are added, now we need to tell our AI Engine that he should start processing and to do so, we have a button Train Bot. By clicking the button, we will send all phrases to the AI engine, and once processing is done you will see the last training update status next to the button.

Now, when we are done with training of our AI engine, let's jump on building the Bot.