How to manage your number masking sessions

Once you have created a number masking session, you can deactivate it as long as you recall its maskId, this is why it is so important to store the maskId somewhere for future use.

If you did not store the maskId, fret not. You can always check for the active sessions in your Number Masking Application.

curl --location --request GET '<> 07:39:42&toDate=2022-12-31 07:39:42&status=active'  
--header 'AppsId: XXXXXXXXXXXXX'

i. Use the query filters such as fromDate & toDate to specify the date range you're searching for
ii. Use the query filter such as status to retrieve active or inactive sessions

Once you have retrieved the maskId from the session, you may now deactivate the session and the two parties can no longer reach each other using the masking number.

curl --location --request DELETE '<>'  
--header 'AppsId: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'