SMS Pricing


SMS priceYour cost of sending SMS via Unifonic.
UnitOne SMS message, or one message part (for long multipart messages)
Main balanceThe main balance is your wallet balance at Unifonic, which can be toped-up and should be kept positive to avoid service disruption
PackageA bucket of units that have been purchased from Unifonic and assigned to you, which must be consumed within a limited period i.e. annual package. Overdue packages are being expired.
Ported numberPhone number where the original operator has been changed to another operator i.e. Virgin Mobile subscribers transfer their number to Zain.

Basic principles

When contracting with Unifonic you can select one of the following models:

  • Pay As You Go: Simple usage‑based pricing, you don’t get locked into high volume contract commitments.
  • Committed use Get your discounts and special pricing for contracts with volume commitments (packages).

How am I charged

The following are the major charging principles for Unifonic SMS service:

  • Once message is successfully submitted to Unifonic (over SMPP or HTTPS API), it is charged according to the rate based on the prefix of the recipient's phone number. Charges will be deducted once a message is submitted so they do not depend on the delivery status.
  • Platform processing fee is applied when a message can not be routed to a mobile operator (e.g. because of the wrong recipient's number or unknown sender).
  • Charges for the messages sent to KSA are deducted from the packages first, if possible. In case there's not enough units left in the package, the charges are deducted from the main balance.
  • Charges for the messages outside KSA are deducted from the main balance first. If there are no units or credits available on your account the message will not be sent and our system will return an "out of credit" response.
  • Additional fee will be charged for messages sent to a ported recipient's number.